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Status Quo

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Boston, MA
Darvis "Sauce" Ruthledge

Dwayne "Weez" Hines

Ernest "E-Knock" Phillips

Jamal "Mally Mal" Weaver

Jayjion "Jin Lao" Greer

Joshua "Flex" Green
Style of Dance
ABDC 1 Finale (Season 1, Episode 8)


When they auditioned, they were living in bad neighborhoods and when they went out to audition, they had no way to get home. They advanced past the live auditions becoming one of the two East Coast crews.

Week 1[]

Status Quo performed to "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark. They dressed up as zombies for the performance and did many flips and stunts. They received good comments from the judges and were saved by the judges instead of Enigma or Femme 5. They were praised for their theatrics, and for bringing "the streets" to the stage.

Week 2[]

Status Quo performed to "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. This performance was considered their least impressive performance. Although Lil Mama praised some of the stunt work, most of the comments were negative. Due to an ankle injury, E-Knock had faltered on some parts of the performance. Because of this, he received unsympathetic comments from Shane Sparks. On one of the stunts that he botched, he had worsened the condition of his ankle. The other negative comments came mostly from JC Chasez stating that there were to many stunts and too much going on.

Week 3[]

Status Quo danced to "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy. Their task was to perform the moves at one point upside down. They were in the bottom two this week along with the only other East Coast crew ICONic. Due to E-Knock's injury, the main focal point for the group was to try and keep E-knock off his ankle, and still give a stronger performance than last week. The performance was highly praised by all judges, but it was Shane Sparks that was especially impressed, noting the look on E-Knock's face after doing a front flip off the dance stage. This performance was considered one of their best performances on the show.

Week 4[]

In the movie character challenge, Status Quo had to be tuners. They performed to "Hey Baby (Jump Off)" by Bow Wow & Omarion. The crew was ecstatic, primarily because they were from the streets, and most of the props resembled the streets (the front end of a car, a dumpster, a park bench, and several light posts. E-Knock seemed to be getting better and the crew as a whole sere in high spirits. At the end of the performance they did a play on their competitor and eventual champion JabbaWockeeZ by having Jamal appear out of a dumpster at the end and get pushed back in. They were praised by the judges with JC saying they didn't look like "E-Knock and Friends" anymore but that they looked like an actual crew and that they highlighted everyone. And although the performance was solid, Shane had spotted a minor error in their performance.

Week 5[]

During the Michael Jackson challenge, Status Quo performed to "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'". The move that they had to highlight specifically was the triple spin. Jamal had a lot of trouble with this but during the show he nailed in the performance. Shane Sparks said that they needed to be more intense if they were going to attempt the king of pop. Lil Mama said that some of them got lost and JC praised their stunts but said that they were a little bit stiff.

Week 6[]

For the Broadway challenge, Status Quo had to perform to "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the musical Hairspray. During the routine, they did a trick where they slid their chairs across the stage but there was a rubberband attached to the chairs which earned praise from the judges and excitement from the crowd. The comments were fairly good but Lil Mama said that it looked like they forgot that they were fighting while JC said that their task, which was basically the floorwork, hadn't been punished enough.

Week 7[]

This week Status Quo was the top vote getter by a very thin margin with JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern, the two remaining crews in the bottom two. This generated a lot of 'boos' from the crowd and a lot of chanting to keep them and eliminate Status Quo, which was changed to cheers when the episode aired (something that sparked a little controversy). During the evolution of street dance challenge, they stated that they had the most trouble with Locking. The juddges praised their stunts but Shane disliked their choreography while JC and Lil Mama called their ending chaotic, sloppy, and they couldn't see the transitions. Their final performance, entiled 'Jack in the Box' had a circus theme and featured them as clowns. There was a giant jack in the box prop in the back of the stage.

Week 8[]

Status Quo performed with fellow East Coast crew ICONic to Phenomenon by LL Cool J. They also performed with their finalist JabbaWockeeZ to Stomp the Yard. After that, JabbaWockeeZ was crowned the winner and Status Quo was declared second place.

Battle For the VMAs[]

Status Quo came back for the battle for the VMAs special along with Kaba Modern, Breaksk8 and Fanny Pak. They were given music videos nominated for Best Dancing in a Video. They had to dance to Damaged by Danity Kane and were cut along with Breaksk8.
During the episode, it was revealed that the group broke up after the others thought that E-Knock and his brother became too controlling and tried to replace them.

Post ABDC[]

Ernest "E-Knock" Phillips and his brother auditioned with another group of all males for America's Best Dance Crew season 3, while three of the others auditioned with the crew R2D2. Neither crew made it.

Ernest "E-Knock" Phillips and his brother would appear in America's Got Talent making it to the top 48 round.

E-Knock and fellow crewmate Darvius "Sauce" Rutledge auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 under the crew name Legendary 7 (Formely Street Legends). The crew made it through to the East coast regionals, but were eliminated.


  • They were the last crew to audition in New York.