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Rynan Shawn Paguio, aka Kid Rainen, is a breakdancer and a choreo dancer. He is a Filipino, born March 26, 1981 in Inglewood California. He is married to Belle Abuyo, who is also a breakdancer. Rynan, who represents South California and San Diego, is a part of the Jabbawockeez, who won season one of America's Best Dance crew. His inspirations are God, his family/friends, and Gary Kendall aka Gee One.


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March 26, 1981
Season 1
135 lbs.
Break-dancing & choreo dancing

Rynan Shawn Paguio- DANCER/MODEL Height: 5’7” Weight: 135 lbs. Hair: Black Theatre/Stage Shows: “Cisco Microsystems” Industrial (Breaker/Dancer, Fred Tallesken) Las Vegas “Mitsubishi Review Show (Breaker/Dancer, Fred Tallesken) TRL “I Decide” Tour (Breaker, Fred Tallesken) “New York Auto Show” Mitsubishi Industrial (Breaker/Dancer, Fred Tallesken) “Detroit Auto Show” Mitsubishi Industrial (Breaker, Fred Tallesken) Sketchers Industrial (Breaker, Sasha) Paris By Night (Dancer/Freestyler, Terry and Shanda) Action Sports Retailer Show (Dancer/Freestyler, Tribal Streetwear) “Summer Nights” at Sea World (Dancer/Breaker, Culture Shock SD) “Color Jam” at Legoland (Dancer/Breaker, Lisa Bandong) Paramount Pictures Industrial (Dancer/Breaker, Culture Shock SD) Sun Microsystems Industrial (Dancer/Breaker, Culture Shock SD) Hip Hop Dance Awards (Dancer/Breaker, Culture Shock SD) Television/Commercials: WB television show “Do Over” (Breaker/Acting) KFC Commercial “Buffalo Blazin Twister” (Acting) Nike Commercial “D.J. Shox” (Freestyler/Runner, Jeun Baptist) Nelly Furtado “My VH1 Awards” (Freestyler/Dancer, Michael Bean) Nelly Furtado “Jay Leno Show” (Freestyler/Dancer, Fatima/Richmond) Hit Clips Commercial (Breaker) Aaliyah “Jay Leno Show” (Dancer, Fatima/Fly) Aaliyah “MTV: Diary of Aaliyah” (Dancer, Fatima/Fly) Nelly Furtado Video “Turn off the Lights” (Freestyler/Dancer, Fatima) Missy Elliot Video “Get Your Freak On” (Dancer/Freestyler, Hyhat) Sisqo “Miss America Beauty Pageant” (Dancer/Breaker, Storm Choreography) Dance Competitions Miami, FL “Who Can Roast Da Most” (1st Place, Bebe) Los Angeles, CA “B-Boy Summit 2001” (1st Place, Asia One) San Francisco, CA “Out for Fame Regionals” (1st place, Cros One/Paulski) Miami, FL “B-boy Masters Pro-Am” (2nd Place, Zulu Gremlin) Los Angeles, CA “Freestyle Session 2yr. Ann” (1st Place, Cros One) Seattle, WA “Break Beats Competition” (1st Place, Crazy Leggs RSC) Dance Performance Companies: Culture Shock San Diego (Dancer/Breaker/Choreographer, Angie Bunch) Rhythm Bugs Crew (Breaker/B-boy, Cros One/Rynan) Funke Matterz Crew (Breaker/B-boy,Eddie Gutierrez/Rynan) Special Skills: Old school b-boy, breaker, locker, freestyle dancer, swing dancer, singing musical theatre (and R&B), can play the guitar, piano, and drums.