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Massive Monkees
Massive monkees 580x250.jpg
Season Season Four
Episode eliminated "Decade Of Dance Challenge"
Region West Coast
City Seattle
State Washington
Place 3rd
Brysen Angeles
JD Rainey
Jerome Aparis
Marcus Garrison
Timothy Soriano
Samnith Ly

Massive Monkees is a 28 member[1] B-boy group from Seattle, Washington that won the 2004 World B-boy Championships in London and appeared on season 4 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

Week 1: Crews Choice Challenge: Massive Monkees went up against Artistry In Motion and Southern Movement and were picked first. Massive Monkees danced a mastermix of the song of their choice, "Kill Joy" by N.E.R.D..

Week 2: Beyoncé Challenge: For the second week of America's Best Dance Crew, the 8 remaining crews danced to Beyoncé's music. Massive Monkees had "Work It Out". Their challenge was to dance with hula-hoops.

Week 3: Martial Arts Challenge: For the third week of America's Best Dance Crew, the 7 remaining crews performed a type of Martial Arts into their routine. Massive Monkees were assigned Extreme Martial Arts with the song, "Bounce" by MSTRKRFT. Their challenge was to incorporate the 540 into their routine.

Week 4: Bollywood Challenge: In week 4 of America's Best Dance Crew, crews incorporated Bollywood within their hip-hop routine. Massive Monkees had to dance to Bhangra and "Bang" by Rye Rye featuring M.I.A..

Week 5: Dance Craze Challenge: For the fifth week of America's Best Dance Crew, the crews all were assigned a dance craze and had to use the trampoline in their performance. Massive Monkees had to do B Hamp's"Do The Ricky Bobby" on a trampoline.

Week 6: VMA Challenge: In this episode of America's Best Dance Crew, the final 4 crews danced to an iconic VMA performance. Massive Monkees were in the bottom 2.Their assigned VMA performance was "Tearin' Up My Heart" by *NSYNC.

Week 7: Decades Of Dance and Last Chance Challenge: Massive Monkees were eliminated by We Are


[edit] Members[]

All members of Massive Monkees

  • Armagedden
  • Anna Banana Freeze
  • Benny Blanco
  • Cornbread
  • Dancin Domes
  • DJ Bles One
  • DJ DV One
  • Dubs
  • Flow Funk
  • Geronimo
  • Granite Rok
  • Iron Mike Brysen
  • Jeromeskee
  • JoRawk
  • Juggernot
  • JuseBoogy
  • Lil Lazy
  • Lonestar
  • Lotuz
  • Miguel
  • One Be Lo
  • Peanut
  • Rock'Hus
  • Rodericko
  • Rhythm Rage
  • Salah
  • Secret Skwerl
  • Tim the Pitt
  • Twixx