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Nico Banuelos

Sal "Swerve" Banuelos

Benjamin Barnett

Chris Thomas

Kyle James Price

Marcus "TK" Jones

George "Slideshow" Jones

Jose "Joey" Arevalo
[Gilbert, Arizona]
First (Champions)

The Elektrolytes is a dance crew who participated in the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew. They were formed in [Gilbert, Arizona] and have been together since 2006.


Before they began their dancing career, they were friends in school. Their dancing started at a pre-assembly show at school. After the positive feedback from the audience, they had begun the Elektrolytes dance crew and began studying several other styles of dance. Since the birth in 2009, they have won several competitions. Including the World of Dance ,[San Diego] 2011. While they auditioned for ABDC 3 times and failed, they tried once more after winning the 2011 Hip Hop Interntional Finals. At this attempt, they moved on to season 7.

ABDC 7 Performances[]

Week 2: Flo Rida Challenge[]

The Elektrolytes were one of five crews in the Flo Rida challenge. Four crews would move on to the next week of competition, and one would be put into the bottom two against last week's bottom crew, Mix'd Elements. The Elektrolytes were the first crew to perform. In the final rehearsal for the full opening performance, crew member Chris Thomas did a flip and awkwardly landed on his left knee. He was injured the day before their performance, which forced the Elektrolytes to change their formations and choreography. The crew was very unsure if they would be able to get everything done before the show. With seven members on the stage, they danced to Flo Rida's hit song, "Club Can't Handle Me". They did many big tricks, and were complimented by all of the judges for their athleticism. JC Chasez said that the choreography for the first have of the routine wasn't stunning, but the second half of the routine was fantastic. Lil Mama said that it started a little slow, but it picked up. D'trix said that he loved the routine and liked how they framed their stunts, such as when Marcus Jones did a headslide followed by a butterfly twist from George Jones. Gest judge and rapper of the song, Flo Rida, said that the club can't handle the Elektrolytes. The Elektrolytes were the final saved crew of the night, sending Funkdation into the bottom two.