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Decades of Dance Challenge
Season 04, Episode 07
Air date September 20, 2009
Crew Eliminated Massive Monkees
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The Live Finale (Season 4)

This week on ABDC, the three remaining crews danced to sick songs from the past five decades. Massive Monkees may be gone, but their massiveness will never be forgotten.


This episode began with the revelation of AfroBorike's concealed spot in the finale. Then the crews began to perform. Unfortunatly, for Massive Monkees, it was their last one. After the monkees took their last walk off the ABDC stage, We Are Heroes and AfroBorike created an original performance before the final voting session of the season.


Decade Song
1960s "Sex Machine" - James Brown
1970s "Uprock" - Rock Steady Crew
1980s "Cold Hearted" - Paula Abdul
1990s "You Make Me Wanna" - Usher
2000s "LoveGame" - Lady Gaga

Original Performances[]

Crew Song Title
We Are Heroes Ichiban
AfroBorike Raices