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Crew's Choice Challenge
Season 01, Episode 02
Air date February 7, 2008
Crew Eliminated Enigma Dance Kru
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On the series premiere of Americas Best Dance Crew. Each of the remaining nine dance crews were asked to perform to a master mix to a song of their own choosing. The crews were broken into groups of three, and in each of those three, the judges would select one crew to be immune from the elimination round that night. They'd then pick two crews to go up against one another in a sudden death battle, selecting the winner. Live in Color, Status Quo and Kaba Modern were spared by the judges and Enigma Dance Kru and ICONic were selected to go into the Battle Zone and have a dance off with each other. The judges selected ICONic as the winner and Enigma Dance Kru was eliminated.


Crew Song
Live in Color "Watch Them Roll" by Sean Paul
JabbaWockeeZ "Apologize" by Timberland featuring OneRepublic
Fysh N Chicks "Whine Up" by Kat DeLuna
Status Quo "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark
Femme 5 "Do It Well" by Jennifer Lopez
Enigma Dance Kru "I'm So Hood" by DJ Khaled
ICONic "Cyclone" by Baby Bash
BreakSk8 "Get It Shawnty" by Llyod
Kaba Modern "Technologic" by Draft Punk
Engima Dance Kru & ICONic "Low" by Flow Rida
  • † Means that crew was safe from being put into elimination.

Judge's Opinion[]

Live In Color[]

Lil Mama thought they brought it this week and was impressed by them using reggae infused with the southern type of dance and loved it. J.C. enjoyed their energy and was impressed at how well they did even though they only got through half of the rehearsal before hand and enjoyed how well the crew used each of their members wisely. Shane Sparks said they opened the show well, reminding him of his style of dance and thinks if they had more time they'd destroy everybody.


Shane thought what they did was beautiful and perfect and was amazed at how well they used the music with their dance. Lil Mama said that their goofing around brings out humor in their group and it's what makes them the best at what they do. J.C. was impressed that they took a chance with a slow song and their choreography told a story.

Fysh N Chicks[]

J.C. thought there was alot going on and said they had alot of formation changes and that some of them were sloppy. Shane agrees and asks them to clean it up and if it won't work, leave it out, but he still felt they're untouchable. Lil Mama was glad to see a strong female group, but agreed as well that some of the moves were sloppy.

Status Quo[]

J.C. enjoyed the Marky Mark transition and thought they were fun and theatrical. Lil Mama loves that they're real street dancers and their animation and was impressed with their huge flip. Shane said you don't see this type of dance in studios but only on the streets and was glad that they tried different stuff.

Femme 5[]

Lil Mama was proud of the crew for nailing a trick they were having a problem with, but pointed out that they messed up slightly with a flip. She wanted them to come out harder when they hit the stage. J.C. thinks that height shouldn't be an excuse for not being able to do a stunt. Shane loves the sexy, but doesn't want them to get caught up in what's going around you and not to take things that aren't from their style.

Enigma Dance Kru[]

J.C. thought that they were thinking a lot during their performance but thought it was cool. Shane thought it was the most boring routine of the whole night and thought that their crew's drama was affecting their performance. Lil Mama says that the crew are followers following their leader who has problems with the drama and says that they need to pick it up, but they followed their leader well.


Shane thought it would be corny, but instead said they came with it again and was impressed. J.C. thought the prop worked well, but said they could drop the prop to get to the dancing. Lil Mama said they brought broadway, hip hop and modern into one performance without looking horrible and said it was hot.

Break Sk8[]

Lil said they were cool and the way they pull their stunts off are impressive. J.C. understands how they have to deal with adversities in a group of five guys, but doesn't want them to disrespect each other. He also mentions that while they had good transitions and are doing something unique, there was not alot of dance moves. Shane was impressed at how well they did tricks on skates and said they brought it again and that they're the sexiest group on the show.

Kaba Modern[]

J.C. was impressed with the three girls performing B-Boy stunts and were incredible. Shane says that even though they were the last performance they tore the house down. Lil Mama thought their isolations were sick and says they can dance.