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Championship Showdown
Season 02, Episode 10
Air date August 14th, 2008
Crew Eliminated N/A
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Eighties Themed Challenge
The Finale


The Final Two crews take center stage one last time in a plea for America's votes as they tackle the Championship Showdown! Both SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w had to perform three different dances. The first was the World Dance Challenge, where both crews had to make a routine infused with different styles of dance from across the globe. The second performance was the Dance Craze 2.0 challenge, in which each crew was able to create their own master mix and had to create a hot Dance Craze to go with them. The final dance of the night was the Last Word Challenge, where both crews were given complete freedom over their style. This dance was their last chance to show America just who they are and why they deserved to win... but only one could walk away with the title of America's Best Dance Crew!