Broadway Remixed Challenge
Season 01, Episode 07
Air date March 13th, 2008
Crew Eliminated BreakSk8
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Evolution of Street Dance


The final 4 crews blaze the stage to bring Broadway into Hip Hop for the Broadway Remix Challenge. Each crew was given a remixed track of some of the most popular broadway musical numbers and asked to choreograph to them fusing hip hop style with broadway jazz. BreakSk8 and Kaba Modern found themselves in the bottom and Break Sk8 was eliminated.


Crew Musical Song
Opening Number Annie "It's A Hard Knock Life"
Status Quo Hairspray "You Can't Stop The Beat"
JabbaWockeeZ Chicago "All That Jazz"
Kaba Modern Grease "You're the One that I want"
BreakSk8 Dreamgirls "One Night Only"
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