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Boogie Bots
Season Season Two
Episode eliminated "Missy Elliott Challenge"
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Place 4th
Members Miguel Almario
Joesar Alva
Mike Arellano
Ryan Dalisay
Bryan East

Boogie Bots are

Boogie Bots

a dance group who first appeared on television for the program "America's Best Dance Crew" on MTV. Members of the Boogie bots are; Bryan East, Joezar Alva, Josh N. Gilmore, Karla Garcia, Kimberly Arteche, Michael "MagicMike" Arellano, Miguel Almario and Ryan Dalisay. Karla, Kimberly, and Joshua did not appear on the show, however, Karla later competed on the show "So You Think You Can Dance" and became one of the twenty selected finalists.

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[edit] Performance On Americas Best Dance Crew[]

Week 1[]

In the first week each crew performed to songs of their own choice. Boogie Bots chose the song "More Bounce To The Ounce" by Zapp & Roger.

Week 2[]

The second week each crew was given a different video with a dance sequence in it, which they had to perform while keeping their own style as a crew. Boogie Bots got the video of the song "Bump, Bump, Bump" by B2K ft. P. Diddy. This week, they wound up in the bottom 2 with Sass x7, but were saved.

Week 3[]

Week 3 Challenge

The third week each crew was given a song whose title was used as inspiration for their dance. Boogie Bots were given the song "Game Over" by Lil' Flip they received enough votes from the public to continue onto the following week. There was controversy when many dance fanatics pointed out that their transformers bit was a less complicated copy of World Champion dance group Philippine Allstars.

Week 4[]

The fourth week the crews had to make a transition from a slow tempo song to a faster one while still remaining on beat. Boogie bots danced to the song "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne ft. Static Major, and got mixed responses from the judges.

Week 5[]

The fifth week each crew was given a Janet Jackson song and which had to incorporate some of her moves in their dance, similar to the Michael Jackson week of Season One. (But before they did that all of the crews danced as a group to Rhythm Nation.) Boogie Bots danced got the song "Control" by Janet Jackson.

Week 6[]

The sixth week all of the crews were assigned a song and a school subject that takes place in a gym which they had to incorporate into their routine. Boogie Bots were assigned the role of "Benchwarmers" and got the song "Universal Mind Control" by Common ft.Pharrell. Although receiving praise from the judges, during the judging of Sup3r Cr3w's and Supreme Soul's performances, Lil Mama stated, "I do not get excited when I see the Boogie Bots."

Week 7 & Elimination[]

The seventh week, every crew danced to a video of Missy Elliott songs. Boogie Bots went up against Fanny Pak for elimination. Boogie Bots were given the song "Work It" and had to incorporate the "wiggle walk" from the video. Lil Mama's comment about the Boogie Bots supposedly weakened them during this week's performance. JC called their performance 'good', but Shane Sparks bashed them for apparently not incorporating any Missy choreography. Lil' Mama took back the statement from last week, saying that the crew had some exciting moments, but this week's performance once again didn't excite her. The other crew in the bottom 2, Fanny Pak, got a standing ovation for their performance, ultimately proving Boogie Bots' elimination.