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Beat Freaks
BeatFreaks Crew 003 580x250.jpg
Season Season Three
Region West
City Los Angeles
State California
Place 2nd
Members Teresa "Ragdoll" Espinosa
Lindsey "LindseyB Outthere" Blaufarb
Julie "Lady Jules" Urich
Keeley "LockN' Key" Kaukimoce
Rino Nakasone Razalan
Marie "Maryss from Paris" Courchinoux
Alex "BGirl Shorty" Welch

The Beat Freaks is an all-female crew that appeared on Season 3 of America's Best Dance Crew. The Beat Freaks were the first all-female crew to make it all the way to the top 2, but eventually loss the title to Quest Crew. They were considered to be the best all-female crew to ever appeared on the show, and they're most memorable performance to date is their Illusion Challenge, in which became the 6th best performance in ABDC. Their banner is yellow with a female holding a boombox.


In 2003, The Beat Freaks came together as a crew for the very first time. The group consists of Alison "Al*Star" Faulk, Teresa Espinosa, LindseyB "Outthere", Lady Jules, Keeley "LockN' Key", Rino Nakasone, Maryss from Paris, and BGirl Shorty. They have all achieved individual success, but have come together to form one all female, all styles dream team. Through their example they have inspired people from around the globe to follow their passions and ‘Freak The Dream’! In 2009, they competed in Season 3.


Week 1: Crew Choice Challenge[]

The Beat Freaks entered the competition in hopes of becoming the first all female crew to ever take hold of the title after males have dominated the last two seasons. The girls performed "Din Daa Daa" by George Kanz in which they were given a standing oviation by all three judges and the audience. Lil Mama loved the fact that the Beat Freaks came on the show to fight for the title and praised Lindsey's flip saying it to be the cleanest a female has ever done and the scissor kicks that Jules and Shorty did in the end of the performance. Kid Rainen, who was a temporary judge for JC said that they brought the foundation of hip-hop and did it right and believed that everyone should step their game up. Shane stated he predicts that season 3's winner is going to be a female crew this time.

Week 2: Fit Test Challenge[]

The Beat Freaks' challenge is a side plank, in you laid on your side and use your arms to flip the rest of your body. The girls said that this was a hard challenge because the side plank is a stationary move. They performed to "Independent" by Webbie featuring Lil' Boosie and received positive reviews by the judges. Lil Mama praised the domino effect in which they did the side planks with hops and the partner up section, however she stated that their energy didn't match their last one, but still loved the performance. Shane said they look like seven super heroes and believed they have alot of moves in their arsenal that hasn't been revealed yet. JC said enjoyed the performance, but didn't know what a side plank was.

Week 3: Britney Spears Challenge[]

Week 4: Whack Track Challenge[]

Week 5: Illusion Challenge[]

For this challenge, the girls have to levitate an object. Franz Harary, a master magician who helped numerous music artist, helped the girls with their challenge by giving them a magic ball that floats in midair. This performance was dedicated to Maryss' brother, who passed away in a car accident. This performance received extremely positive reviews from the judges and from the audience. Shane considered this performance as one of the best performance out of all 3 seasons and praised the part where Shorty was doing windmills while the ball was levitating above the girls. JC loved the fact that Maryss was able to perform this piece by expressing her feelings of her brother. Lil Mama loved Maryss's ticking section and loved the Beat Freaks for being themselves and not trying to overexpose themselves for attention. After the judges' comments, the girls head back in the crew garage, in which Maryss thanks the girls for the performance.

Week 6: Battle of the Sexes Challenge[]

For the battle of the sexes challenge, Beat Freaks got the video "Hot N' Cold" by Katy Perry. They decided to take the Louisville Slugger section of the video and put it into their performance. They also wanted to show girl power and knock the all-male crews out. They came out on stage with robot-type outfits and sunglasses. Lil mama said that they had a phenomenal performance and gave them a standing ovation. She also praised their robotic beginning of their performance. JC said that they should be called the prop masters because they handle props very well. He also praised Shorty's headspin at the end of the performance in which she put her sunglasses on while doing the headspin. Shane said that they should be called America's Best Dance Crew.

Week 7: Hip Hop Decathlon and Last Chance Challenge[]

Challenge #1: Hip-Hop Decathlon[]

Challenge #2: Last Chance Challenge[]

Week 8: Live Finale[]