In this talk page, you'll be suggesting fights (err, dance offs) to help select what will eventually be our semi-weekly competition. If you would like to make a suggestion, please feel free to leave it here. If you would like to see what people have suggested in the past, please refer to this page's archive.

Chosen FightsEdit

The following are chosen fights that will eventually appear any week. They go in no order.

The RulesEdit

  • Place new suggestions at the bottom of the page. If you place them at the top, they will be lost when we archive the page. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!. Give your reason as well so everyone knows why you want that fight.
  • Squallinoa_08 has final say over all of the fights.
  • Please do not use talk templates here, as it really slows down the loading times.
  • Check this list for dups before suggesting a new one. Hint: Use the "find" feature to quickly search for names.
  • Only fights that are America's Best Dance Crew will be allowed. No exceptions!

Show Your SupportEdit

If you think someone's suggestion is great, then put your username with ~~~~ and give your reason why under "support". If you think that someone's suggestion is not great, then put your username with ~~~~ and give your reason why under "reject". If the suggestion has 5 or more support, then it'll be listed as one of the chosen fights. If it has 5 or more rejects, then it will not be listed. Remember, vote vote vote if you want to see that fight in our arena. You can comment each suggestion if you want.


I would LOVE to see Quest and Poreotix battle. They both have energy, they both have "the small eye" and they both won the trophy with a SICK victory dance. 14:54, December 7, 2012 (UTC)

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