If you're reading this, you must be a first timer. If so, welcome to the America's Best Dance Crew Wiki! This page will help you understand our principles, policies, and atmosphere that you can enjoy.

This website is a Wiki. This means that anyone can edit it whenever they please. It is also a ABDC fansite. As such, we are the website of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans. This is the feel that we have, and it is the feel that we enjoy.

When you are editing, you should always be bold. In other words, if you have a doubt if what you're doing is right or wrong, IGNORE IT! The worst that will happen is your edit being reverted. Boldness will NEVER be punished. All good faith edits cannot be punished. Only vandalism can be punished, and it's pretty obvious what that is if you've been on wikis before.

There are tons of activities going on around here all the time. If you have any ideas leave a message on any one of the Administrator's talk pages.

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