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September 08'[]

Fanny Pak won the Battle of the VMA's[]

9th September by Squallinoa_08'

If you've watched the VMA's on Sunday, then you'll know that Fanny Pak just won the battle. Beating the other 4 dance crews, Fanny Pak was able to present the award for Best Dancing in a Video. They also received $100,000 for their charity as well. So whats next for Fanny Pak? They're going to the ABDC tour! Watch them as they come to your city when the tour hit the road in this month.

Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak for the VMA's[]

5th September by Squallinoa_08

The votes from Saturday's Battle For The VMA's has been counted and the top 2 crews who definitely has a chance to appear on the VMA's are Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak. Sorry SoReal Cru fans, you shouldn't of vote alot. Now it's down to this. Who will it be America? Tune in on Sunday, September 7th at 8p/7e to watch Kaba and Fanny battle it out at the preshow. It's gonna be intense!